If you haven’t had the misfortune of following my Twitter feed and suffering through weeks of posts about packing, flying, etc., this may be news to you: I have moved to San Francisco. After 14 years in Minnesota, I could no longer resist the urge to return to my roots on the west coast, and so here I am, er, 600 miles south of my roots. Strictly speaking, the only thing San Francisco actually has in common with Portland is its time zone, but hey, it’s nice to be near the ocean again.

I’m actually very near the ocean, in the neighborhood that I’m told is known as the Inner Sunset. I know I’m in a good area, because in the few hours I’ve lived here, I’ve eaten at an all-organic hot dog joint and bought extremely cheap moving-in supplies at a Chinese housewares store. Cheap is good, mostly because I’m stingy, but also because everything you’ve heard about the mortifying cost of apartments in San Francisco is absolutely true. On the other hand, my new apartment is considerably bigger and nicer than my last place, so there’s that. It’s nice to live in an actual grown-up place, even if I may not be able to afford to put a lot of furniture into it.

Anyway, while I’m very excited about living here and starting a new job next week, I’m still at the mercies of Yelp and dumb luck when it comes to finding good food and such. So if you know of any good (and cheap!) places to hang out, eat, etc., let me know.