I’ve updated my portfolio site with descriptions of some games I’ve worked on, including Excite Truck, Test Drive: Eve of Destruction, “Pencil Flick”, “Sudoggle”, and my latest game-in-a-business-card, “Bunny/Pig/Robot/Monster/Ninja”“:

Moo Minicards: Bunny/Pig/Robot/Monster/Ninja


While I was writing up my notes on Excite Truck and EOD, I was trying to figure out how to dig up screenshots of the games to use. Grabbing screencaps off of my TV would be a pain, and most publicly available shots have huge logos plastered all over them. Besides, few of those screenshots really illustrated the specific work I did on the games, and besides besides, still images can never really do justice to the kinetic nature of video games.

But we’re well into the age of YouTube now, and when they say that you can find clips of anything on the Web, they’re not exaggerating. Replay videos of a three-year-old game that was completely ignored by the press and didn’t sell peanuts? No problem. In fact, the kids out there will do you one better: this video of some guys playing EOD even shows off a level I worked on, and was pretty proud of to boot:

Mankato Red Rover: yar!

The fact that the video has the voices of the players enjoying the game makes it an even better representative piece for my work. It’s like the Internet is trying to help me find work!