I’ve been tiring out everyone around me for weeks with my hand-wringing, Janus-faced waffling about how shiny the iPhone is and how expensive it is. The constant refrain of “I want an iPhone/I cannot afford an iPhone” was starting to sound a little like Didi and Gogo wishing they had some rope. So finally, I broke the cycle by going out and buying myself a damn iPhone. Now that my credit card and I have done our part for the economy, I can go around awkwardly trying to hide it when I’m on the street or on the bus, because who really wants to be That Guy With The Really Expensive Gadget?

iPhone and Newton
New iPhone, old Newton.

Transferring my account over to AT&T and my number from the Razr all went very smoothly, and learning to type on the touchscreen is easier than I expected — it’s certainly got a shallower learning curve than that of iTap or T9. The lack of an IM program is a little distressing, but most of the apps that I get a lot of mileage out of — Google Reader, del.icio.us, Twitter — work very well.

The only really bad experience I’ve had so far is with the recessed headphone jack, which forces you to shave down the covering on your headphone plugs to get them to fit. It smells like a ploy to sell more accessories, which seems awfully cynical and unnecessary, since Apple customers are hardly known for being stingy with their accessory budgets.

Of course, to put lie to my own argument, I not only shaved down my earbuds to avoid buying a headphone adapter, but I’ve also attempted to assuage the guilt trip that my inner miser is laying on me by using an old sock as a sleeve. But since the iPhone is such a fancy device, I used a dress sock instead of an athletic sock. Classy!