I was making plans to do a big honkin’ redesign of this site, full of crazy DHTML visibility tricks and sidebar widgets galore. Then I asked myself: does anyone actually read my Web site anymore, or is everyone using feed readers at this point? The thought of doing a bunch of work to create a page that no one would ever bother to see sort of dampened my enthusiasm, as did my inherent laziness, so I punted and went with yet another palette swap and banner change. I have to admit, though, I’ve grown kind of fond of that blossom-spewing cyclops up in the corner there — that is, the blossom-spewing cyclops that none of you feed-reading people ever noticed because you never visit me anymore, or call, or write.

While the visible design of the site hasn’t changed that much, I did finally get around to gutting the site’s Movable Type templates, clearing out a bunch of crufty sidebars and CSS classes. Two big changes:

1. I’ve added a tag cloud to the Archives page. It’s still in major flux, because I’ve only managed to tag the last year’s worth of entries so far. I’ll get them all eventually, though — if I can manage to tag all my books in LibraryThing, I can certainly do a few hundred (gulp!) blog entries.

2. Individual entries now have more reasonable URLs, using the title instead of the date and time. Actually, the date/time pages are still all there, in order to keep existing links from breaking, but I got sick of looking at gobbledygook like “/entry/2007/06/01-071410.html” and trying to figure out what page was being referred to.

At any rate, that’s enough Web site maintenance for one day. I need to go try to get my unread entries count in Google Reader back down to a reasonable number.

[Screenshot of Sediment v8.0]