There’s a point when you realize that even though you love it to bits, it’s time to quit your MMOG. With A Tale in the Desert, that moment came when I found myself logging in every two hours to fertilize my roses, then logging right back out again. Even though it pained me to give up on breeding a flower with blue petals, I had to admit to myself that I wasn’t getting enough out of my subscription costs and that it was time to move on.

It’s an interesting dilemma: We constantly complain about how much of a time sink MMOGs are, the amount of content they ask you to slog through to get any kind of reward, material or otherwise. But at a certain level, you have to play all the time to justify spending $10-$15 every month. I’ve never been a fan of the “getting my money’s worth” approach to console gaming, but with MMOGs, you really have to ask yourself: Can I justify paying the same amount for two hours a week of gameplay that I was for 20?

At any rate, the amount of time I’ve spent playing World of Warcraft lately hasn’t even been two hours a week — it’s been more like 20 minutes. I’ve actually been reduced to raising money for my epic flying mount by slowly auctioning off all the junk in my bank, because I can’t be arsed to go out and farm motes or cloth for cash. If that’s not a sign that it’s time to quit, then I don’t know what is, so I’ve cancelled my WoW account (and made the peon cry).

The account doesn’t actually expire for a couple of weeks, but I’m already having quitter’s remorse, mostly because I’m remembering how barren the MMOG scene is when you’re on a Mac. Maybe I’ll get Boot Camp running and give LotRO a whirl. Or maybe I’ll just go back to Puzzle Pirates, which — speaking of value for players with limited time — introduced free limited access at some point without my noticing. Arr!