A while back, I stripped a bunch of feeds out of my news reader: sites that link to the same things that everyone else links to, sites that I don’t relate to as much as I used to, sites that are more about quantity than quality. It’s hard to curb my syndication habits, though, and my subscription list is creeping back up towards the 200 mark, which means it’s time to cull the herd again.

The problem I have isn’t really that I track too many sites, since the whole point of news readers is to do the grunt work of grabbing and collating the feeds. The problem is that I spend hours every day simply scanning through all the links and blurbs. Google Reader is particularly aggressive about refreshing, to the point where I often have new links to look at even before I’ve finished running through the first batch. Not to mention the fact that half the time, the article that a bunch of bloggers are linking to is already waiting for me elsewhere in my “unread” list, which means that I’ve got multiple pointers to the same page (all with different commentaries) to be sifted through.

So: It’s time for some feeds to be retired. Salon and Slate have plenty of of good articles, but also produce plenty of dross. Shiny Shiny is totally awesome, but just reminds me of all the things I can’t afford to buy. 1UP and Gamespot are fine gaming news sources, but I don’t need to know about every single console game announcement that comes down the wire.

Hopefully, the rest of the Internet will band together to keep me updated if anything interesting happens on these sites. Or maybe I’ll just build out my del.icio.us network.