Henry Jenkins has posted a short essay by one of his grad students, Debora Lui. In it, she describes an experience that sounds like it was ripped right out of Rules of Play or A Theory of Fun: “First, [it] provided me a source for continuous escapism; second, it gave me a never-failing sense of accomplishment; and third, it allowed me a platform for on-going identity construction and reconstruction.”

Is Lui talking about WoW, or Rainbow Six, or Zelda? Nope; she’s talking about Netflix. Some of the very qualities that are supposed to set games apart from other media — immersion, personal growth, identity play — are captured with no small success by a web site.

People are talking more and more about how web developers can learn from game designers, but I still think that to a large extent, those lessons were learned and internalized a while ago, and that there needs to be more flow in the other direction.