I’m here in San Francisco. I’m psyching myself up for some serious conferencing. I’m getting caught up on the stuff I missed from the Casual and Serious side conferences. I’m prepping for tonight’s IGDA party.

Mostly, though? I’m basking in weather that’s up in the 60s, and loving the fact that I can see colors outside other than white and dirty gray. Although maybe I should have brought something lighter than the tweed sportcoat to wear.

Also: My hotel’s wi-fi firewall blocks semifat.net, but not sediment.semifat.net. Go figure. Unfortunately, the root domain is where I have Movable Type installed, which means I had to do some sketchy redirection just to post this entry. Good times!

Also also: The first thing I saw when I turned on the TV in my room was a commercial for MLB 2K7. I don’t mind the Rolling Stones shilling for auto makers, and I’m actually in favor of new bands licensing their music for advertising. (They get paid to let someone else make their music heard!) But Nirvana? Did you have to use Nirvana? Now I’m going to spend the whole week moaning about how my youth has been stolen from me. Again. More than usual.