The Web we weaved.

We’ve reached the point where people go around creating web sites expressly for the purpose of slagging on those who dare to stick their necks out and have public lives, and then turn around and act surprised when people use these sites to spread fear and perpetrate violence.

The changing face of games.

As the image of gaming and gamers has evolved over time, so has their advertising.

My first hour in Viva Piñata.

Why can’t I just shovel in peace?

GDC ’07: Just a couple more shots…

One last GDC brain dump from Friday.

GDC ’07: Why not take a break?

More GDC brain dumping, from Thursday.

GDC ’07: New sensations.

Random thoughts from Wednesday at GDC.

GDC ’07: Welcome to the Fantasy Zone. Get Ready!

I’m here in San Francisco, psyching myself up for some serious conferencing.

Tagging books.

While keying my books into LibraryThing was a pleasant, if slightly manic way to spend a Saturday morning, I can’t say I’m particularly enthusiastic about going back through all 300+ entries and tagging them.

Everybody loves Excite Truck!

The game the elderly seem to get the most kick out of? Excite Truck.