It was so nice of Blizzard to delay The Burning Crusade until January. If it had been released back in November as originally planned, I would have found the grind of leveling up on the expansion’s steeper experience curve to be real chore. Now, though, winter has finally hit hard, it’s -11°F outside, I’ve got a chest cold that isn’t going to go away until April, I can hardly stay awake through the very short days, and my brain has already packed up and moved to Hawaii, leaving my cold, mindless husk sitting here in a wintry stupor. In other words, I’m in exactly the right frame of mind for hours and hours of mindless grinding.

So while I wait for my brain to return from its vacation so that I can post something semi-coherent about how we’re supposed to sift through all the delightfully crappy content that the Participatory Web produces, here’s an excellent video that explains how the mechanics of text production have gotten to where they are now in terms of affordances for personal expression and collective intelligence: