How did it come to this? It’s New Year’s Day, and I woke up at 7:30. A.M. It wasn’t even light out when I gave up on trying to go back to sleep. On the bright side, any January that doesn’t begin with a hangover has started off on the right foot, even if that foot is very tired right now.

The wonderful thing about a new year is the eternal delusion that it entails a fresh start, a chance to make resolutions with the hope of actually keeping them, despite ample evidence to the contrary. Last year, I made a resolution to just go with the flow and see where life took me, and I ended up having a year that felt sort of aimless and unsettled. While I’m not exactly looking to take one of those freaky FranklinCovey life-planning courses, I could probably do with a little more direction as I settle firmly into my 30s. So here are some personal to-dos for the year 2007, sorted from most to least concrete (that is, from most to least likely to be kept):

  1. Learn to tie my shoes so that they don’t come undone every six steps.
  2. A. Learn to tie a necktie without having to look at a diagram; B. Find more excuses to wear neckties so that I have a reason to work on 2-A.
  3. Start and finish a project in Flash, rather than just poking at tutorials like I usually do.
  4. Stop obsessing over the fact that I have hair and learn to do something reasonable with it.
  5. A. Remember that game design is interaction design, not just a random assemblage of AI parameters and scoring formulas; B. Remember that while my job may not be perfect, it is still a really cool way to make a living.
  6. Figure out what I want “home” to mean, and make a real motion towards it.