I’m enjoying Trauma Center on the Wii much more than I did on the DS. It’s not about the controls; both games had novel and interesting schemes that worked well and felt good to master. The big difference in the game is that on their second try, Atlus finally tuned the difficulty for actual humans, and even tossed us a bone by allowing the player to select a difficulty level. The result is a game that I actually have some hope of getting through without throwing the console against a wall.

In the process of moving the game from the DS to the Wii, Atlus reimplemented the “levels” (patients) with 3-D graphics in addition to the difficulty tuning. The cut scenes were all redrawn; even the characters look different now. The menus have been completely redone, and of course, so have the controls. All told, it looks like they put quite a bit of effort into this remake, changing pretty much everything except the script and the level scenarios.

So here’s what confuses me: If you’re going to go to the trouble of remaking your entire game, why not just take the extra step and make a new game?