I don’t remember many of my dreams, but I had a nightmare last night that stuck with me, if only because it was so unbelievably dorktacular:

It’s the first day of summer camp for new World of Warcraft players, and I’m helping out with the check-in process, watching over the newbies in the main lodge as they get their name tags and become acquainted with one another, asking probing questions like “a/s/l?” and “can u give me gold plz?” Despite the bucolic setting, however, all is not well.

Whispers spread through the line that newbies are already disappearing, whispers that “Sylar” is haunting the campgrounds. A scream is heard from not too far away, and is suddenly choked off. The newbies huddle in a cowering mass. Some kid starts rocking and muttering “Sylar is coming, Sylar is coming,” like a possessed Ood.[1] A door opens and closes, seemingly on its own.[2] Increasingly nervous, I start pacing up and down the halls, casting Arcane Explosion (Rank 1)[3] to try and flush out the unseen Sylar.

It works.

Sylar pops out of stealth, right behind me.

I wake up, my heart pounding.

I think my heart was pounding less in fear and more in embarrassment at the sheer quantity of excess nerdiness that my subconscious felt the need to burn off while I slept.

[1] Actually, the kid looked less like an Ood, and more like a child version of the guy that Sylar got his telekinesis from, which means he actually looked like Jason from Home Movies.

[2] I realize that invisibility is not one of Sylar’s superpowers. Apparently my subconscious is not big on continuity.

[3] Pro tip: Rank 1 of Arc. Exp. won’t do much damage, but it’s the most mana-efficient way to beat the bushes when you think someone is stealthed nearby. Boy, do I feel nerdy right now.