Observing the madness that is a double-console-launch weekend may be interesting, actually allowing myself to be swept up into the thick of things just sounds crowded and irritating, so I didn’t buy any big games to go with my Wii this weekend. I did download the original Legend of Zelda to complement the copy of Wii Sports that came with the console, and the two of them have been keeping me pretty well occupied so far.

Not having a big stack of games to dive into has given me a little bit of time to play around with the non-gaming features of the Wii. I spent much more time than is probably healthy creating my Mii avatar, because the only thing cooler than animated paper dolls is the urge for self-replication. I’m still trying to figure out what the Mii Parade is all about, though. Will it populate itself once more people start mingling their Miis? Did that last sentence sound dirty? It’s unclear.

Perhaps the most amusingly useless thing I’ve been able to do so far is to send text messages back and forth between my Wii and my cell phone. When I got the Roomba and the Xbox 360, I joked about the machines conspiring to take over the world, but now my home is filling up with devices that really can communicate directly with each other. I suppose I should fear for my life, especially when the Wii flashes that scary blue light out of its drive slot (to signify online activity) in the middle of the night. Mostly, though, I’m trying to think of some clever game that can be played using cross-device text messages as tokens.