Lessons of Zelda.

The original Legend of Zelda is great, but it’s got some design tics that date it a bit.

The Age of Enlightenment vs. Pant Sizes.

Postmodern angst at The Gap.

Rise of the machines, Part II.

The gadgets in Josh’s home continue their march towards world domination.

PS3 vs. Wii: scarcity vs. plenitude.

The PS3 and Wii have launched, in all their coded glory.

Spam as ARG.

Sometimes spam is spam, and sometimes it’s a digital Rorschach blot, allowing us to read any number of meanings into an object that we know is meaningless.

No time to smell the virtual roses.

If I’m going to finish FF XII, I need to do it in the next few days, because I just realized that this weekend is The Big One.

Skill management in Final Fantasy XII.

A skill-based Final Fantasy isn’t a bad idea, but the pacing leaves something to be desired.