I haven’t been sleeping well. My project is slowly grinding its way to the finish line. I think I have a cold. I am exhausted, people, and it’s making me grouchy.

I’m so tired, I don’t even have the energy to watch TV, which is a shame, since the fall season is in full swing, and my TiVo is full of new shows that I probably won’t like very much, but which all seem to be stuffed with characters and plots (Mysteriously Interconnected Casts are this year’s Spooky Alien Mysteries) that I’m sure will take more effort than it’s worth to keep track of. I haven’t even gotten around to watching the season premieres of Veronica Mars or Lost, I’m so tired and cranky.

Just about the only thing I have any energy left for is watching House on DVD. Not because it’s a great show, because it really isn’t. It’s got a bizarre moral compass, thinks racism is funny, and halfway through the second season, can’t hold a grip on its characters (although in Cameron’s case, losing her character was a huge improvement). But it’s well-paced and glossily produced, and if you ignore the fact that they’re killing their patients to cure them, the doctors all get some pretty good one-liners off on each other. Basically, it’s brain candy, and it only works if you’re too tired to think about how annoying it is.

Besides, with his leg pain and general misanthropy, it’s nice to see that House is even crankier than I am these days.