For a while, I kept a diary of the media I consume: video games played, DVDs and TV shows watched, the occasional trip to a movie theater, etc. For instance: on November 3, 2004, I spent an hour watching Joan of Arcadia on my TiVo, an hour watching Twin Peaks on DVD, and a couple of hours playing Shin Megami Tensei on the PS2. As little as two years ago, this seemed like a reasonable, if slightly OCD-ish way of tracking the ways that I keep myself amused.

Lately, though, it’s been increasingly difficult to keep track of the little bits of entertainment that fill my day. I still go through my Netflix queue like House goes through Vicodin, and this fall promises to hold a bumper crop of big console video games that will erase entire days from my life, but I spend more and more time these days watching cartoon podcasts, or flipping through random videos on YouTube, or playing the latest recommendation from jayisgames, or throwing down a hand of Uno on Xbox Live.

As media get smaller and easier to swallow in little chewable tablets, it gets harder and harder to fill my days out as a grid the way that TV Guide taught me to. So I’ve given up on the diary, and am trying to reconcile myself with the fact that media these days are less like sit-down meals and more like snacks that we nibble on while riding the bus or taking a break from work.