Still more random thoughts from the Austin Game Conference.

One of the meta-games you play while at a conference, along with classics like Business Card Bingo and Vendor Booth Traveling Salesman, is Don’t Violate the NDA: The ability to chat with press and podcasters about your job without spilling any inappropriate beans about your current project is one of those soft skills that developers need to learn early in their careers. Luckily for me, I’m low enough on the information totem pole that I really don’t have any good beans to spill.

After two full days of introducing myself to people and trying to strike up conversations with them (those of you who know my shrinking violet self know that this is something I don’t normally do), I was pretty brain-dead going into the final day of the conference, and spent some time shambling around the show floor like a zombie with luggage.

I did manage to get to one good talk today, in which the speaker imagined a metaverse consisting of an infinite number of small, user-constructed, interconnected virtual worlds, as opposed to the large, isolated worlds (WoW, 2L, etc.) that we have now. I’m still waiting for someone to explain to me how all these metaverse ideas are going to avoid becoming VRML Redux.

As much fun as I had and as many cool people that I met, though, there’s still nothing better than coming home and falling into bed. Which is what I intend to do now.