Lost, Season 2.

Lost is a television show that doesn’t ignore new media, or work against it, but sits at the center of an entire constellation of media artifacts.

Alias, Seasons 4 and 5.

It wasn’t until ABC announced the show’s cancellation that the writers finally gave in and accepted the fact that “sense” was simply never going to be a part of their legacy in the way that dysfunctional families and bright red wigs would be.

E3 thoughts.

Random thoughts on E3. Warning: extreme sleepy rambling ahead.

Prison Break, Season 1.

Even if the producers underestimate their audience’s mental capacity, Prison Break remains one of the most watchable shows on the air.

Veronica Mars, Season 2.

Veronica Mars will have to give up on being considered perfect, and settle for being the best show on TV.

Reasons to get out of the house.

Mark your calendars, denizens of the Twin Cities.