I couldn’t post anything yesterday, because April Fool’s Day is a day when I go on Orange Alert for Online Stupidity. As the Internet — and I — get older, I have less and less patience with seeing the same old parodic press releases and faux-hacked web sites try to wring a bit of surprise out of an increasingly jaded online audience. Or maybe I’ve just become dour and humorless in my old age. Anyway, unless you’re willing to go to the lengths that the TeeVee crew are, then I’d rather you just didn’t bother.

My bedside clock managed to get the last laugh in, though. As it’s just about the only timepiece in my apartment that doesn’t know how to set itself, the first clock that I see in the morning was the only one that failed to know about Daylight Saving Time. So much for all the chores I had planned on getting done this morning.

At any rate, I wanted to note that this weblog turned three years old yesterday, but couldn’t because of the Stupidity Alert. Oddly enough, the very first posting was a rundown of a couple of the funnier (and by “funnier,” I mean “incredibly nerdy”) April Fool’s pranks. Three years and more than 400 entries later, I’m still trying to figure out what this whole “blogging” thing is about, and why the most frequently Googled page on my site is the one where I recount my crazy fanfic bender.