Obsessions and complusions.

Just a quick test of YouTube.

All hail the idiot box.

Oh lord, have I really sunk this low?


Daxter not only manages to give the Jak and Daxter franchise a shot in the arm, it’s one of the few games that PSP owners can play without getting really depressed.


The burning question of the 2003-2004 TV season was this: “Does the world have room for two shows about young women who are visited by voices from a higher plane that tell them to help people?” The answer was “not so much.”

What’s that on your head?

It seems like every other guy out there shaves his head on a regular basis to hide his receding hairline. This galls me.

No Foolin’.

As the Internet — and I — get older, I have less and less patience with seeing the same old parodic press releases and faux-hacked web sites try to wring a bit of surprise out of an increasingly jaded online audience.