I actually have notes that verify this: As of today, I have been playing World of Warcraft for an entire year, and when I say “an entire year,” I mean that almost literally. MMORPGs aren’t necessarily the most productive use of one’s time, but they sure do make the days fly by. I think I’ll log in, check my cooking skills, and see if I can bake myself a birthday cake.

These days, I tend to log into WoW for a few minutes every day, even when I’m not interested in beating up on furbolgs or giant bugs. Between Bobina the warlock and my passel of alts, there are just so many errands that need to be run: checking mail, seeing if my auctions are selling, etc. Then there’s Animal Crossing: Wild World, in which I need to work off my mortgage, water the plants, and visit with my neighbors to keep them happy. And we won’t talk about the disaster that is my copy of Nintendogs.

When did video games become so much work? And when did working become so much fun?