I’m looking at the list of spring premieres that are being tossed out this March, and the filler being put up to round out the season, and it’s even more depressing than last year’s crop. Cop show, cop show, reality show, sitcom; you know the drill. I hate to dismiss shows like American Inventor or Modern Men without giving them a real chance, but — oh, wait: there’s no reason at all to give these shows a chance. If the networks aren’t going to make an effort, I don’t see why I should have to.

I managed to watch and episode of Conviction (a.k.a. Law and Order Jr.), just to see what J. August Richards is up to in his post-Angel career. Turns out he’s working on a Dick Wolf lawyer show, one that’s just like all the other Dick Wolf lawyer shows, but with a slightly younger cast. I also ground my way through an episode of Sons and Daughters: the show’s hook is that its dialogue is “partially improvised,” which would explain its awkward, stilted twitchiness. It basically serves up everything unpleasant about Arrested Development and The Office, and very little of what’s good about them.

There’s not a lot else worth taking a look at among the shows coming up. I’ll probably give Heist a glance, on the off chance that it’s actually a series with an real beginning, middle, and end; I might also watch The Bedford Diaries, on the off chance that the previews aren’t being misleading, and that porn has finally made its way onto network TV. Other than that, though, it’s looking pretty grim until either next fall’s premieres come out, or until I get cable, whichever comes first.