I’m having a hard time getting into snowboard cross. On the one hand, it really does look like they approved live-action SSX as an Olympic event, and that’s inherently awesome. On the other, it must really, really suck to spend years and years training and dreaming of a medal, only to have it taken away from you by a three-boarder pile-up on the last turn; or, if you’re American Lindsey Jacobellis, by your own irrational exuberance. Jacobellis blew a huge lead and an easy gold medal when she grabbed her board to do a trick on the final stretch, and promptly tumbled off the track, handing the win over to Swiss boarder Tanja Friedan. Up until her flub, Jacobellis had “breakout Olympic star” written all over her: A top competitor in a hip new sport, she’s got bee-stung lips, a mane of kinky blonde hair, and a dazzling smile that’s probably going to look a bit forced for a few days as she fields all the questions from the press about what the heck she was thinking.

Jacobellis seems to have plenty of company, though, as the emerging theme from this year’s Winter Games seems to be “Ballyhooed Americans Making Inexplicable Errors.” Speedskater Apollo Anton Ohno slipped while trying to make an unnecessary pass; Bode Miller raced like molasses on non-broken-in skis; Johnny Weir’s program wasn’t as outrageous as his attitude; and Michelle Kwan horned her way onto the American figure skating team, only to drop out after her first practice due to an injury known as being way too old for this stuff. At least snowboarder Shaun “The Flying Tomato” White has lived up to expectations, both in his performance and in the way he comes off in interviews as the quintessential bashful stoner.

Speaking of breakouts, the U.S. Curling teams look to be the biggest things to come out of Bemidji since Paul Bunyan. I’m bitter though, that while the game — with its weird combination of precise, graceful throws and spastic, urgent sweeping — continues to gain fans, it remains relegated to the broadcasting wastelands of NBC’s cable subsidiaries. Remind me why I’m still stuck on rabbit ears?