There was a time when I would get up really early on Saturday mornings to watch cartoons. But then, two things happened: I grew up, and the networks decided that golf and infomercials were more profitable than animation. The passing of cartoons from the airwaves wasn’t really as much of a loss as it might have been, since by the time they petered out, broadcast cartoons were just a shadow of what they were in the 70s and 80s, when you could watch prime-time specials devoted to previewing the upcoming fall’s Saturday-morning lineups. With all this a thing of the past, or maybe just the domain of Nickelodeon, I learned to do other things on Saturday mornings, like nursing hangovers.

Now, though, I can recapture my lost childhood and look into the future of broadcasting at the same time — how convenient! Video podcasting not only gives up-and-coming animators an outlet on shows like Channel Frederator, it makes it easy to watch classic cartoons, thanks to the Vintage ToonCast and the last remaining bits of the public domain that Disney hasn’t stamped out. And all of it is better than The Snorks — not that that’s saying much.