If you see that I’ve been playing Autechre’s Tri Repetae a lot recently, it’s pretty safe to say that I’m hard at work. The album (double album, actually, but whatever) is, for my money, the best music out there for writing to. Its cloudy, ambient sound strikes a near-perfect balance between concentration and mindlessness that forms an ideal conductor for my thoughts: It has no lyrics or overly catchy hooks to distract me, but its dense layers and faint beats create just enough breath and pulse to keep my blood up. Over the years, it’s gotten to the point where all I need to do to get into a writing mood is to put the album on and let its staticky rhythms jump-start my brain and break through any writer’s block that may afflict me.

Now, though, I’m afraid that Tri Repetae’s status as a personal totem of productivity has been shot all to hell, because I’ve realized that another pasttime of mine benefits even more from the album’s particular combination of focus and flow. Even more than great writing music, Tri Repetae is the perfect music for playing Tetris to. Lord help me, I may never get any work done again.