Chaska to Tokyo.

It’s amazing how many different ways there are for people to not communicate with each other, and how many different things “not communicate” can mean.

Animal abuse.

I don’t want to turn the machine on and see a starving, dirty, neglected symbol of my inability to take care of another living thing. Even when that thing isn’t actually alive.

Winter Olympic notes.

Hip new sports, Americans hoisting themselves by their own petard, and more gnashing of teeth over my continuing lack of cable.

Saturday morning cartoons.

Now I can recapture my lost childhood and look into the future of broadcasting at the same time — how convenient!

A dangerous discovery.

I may never get any work done again.

Movies I Meant to Watch: Moulin Rouge.

I forget all about whatever it is I’m supposed to be watching now, because I’m sitting on the sofa in my pajamas, watching movies that are too old to be current and too new to be classic.

The Magic Closet.

Blizzard’s efforts to maintain the integrity of its magic circle — to lock out as many real-world referents as possible — have the effect of locking players in a magic closet, a place where targets of abuse and discrimination are blamed for “inviting” harassment and where a veil of silence is the only accepted defense.