2006 Winter Premieres.

While the return of watchable television means I can spare myself the pain of Skating With Celebrities or Get This Party Started, it comes too late to save me from most of the new shows the networks have rolled out this winter.

You are not a unique snowflake, and that’s OK.

It should probably bother me to discover that my listening preferences overlap so heavily with those of a 24-year-old Colombian woman, or with the entire readership of Cat and Girl.

Why do I have a CD full of nature sounds on my computer?

When last.fm tells me that my favorite artists are Stereolab and They Might be Giants, I’m inclined to ignore it, even though it’s probably right.

Tough times for Twin Cities businesses.

It’s no wonder I never go out anymore: All the places worth going to are closing down.

Unga. Unga Bunga.

Writing is hard.

Resolving not to resolve.

After going a measly 2-for-7 on my resolutions for 2005, I’ve given up on making any for 2006.