Out of Practice is full of surprises. This is not to say that it’s at all good — it isn’t. It’s just another crap sitcom, full of stale jokes that fail to liven up been-there-done-that situations. Despite its constant efforts to kill itself, the three-camera sitcom just. Refuses. To. Die, already.

The Formula:
Out of Practice = Frasier * 2

So the surprising part of Out of Practice isn’t in the presence of any actual quality; it’s in the casting. Stockard Channing and Henry Winkler are great actors who probably chose the right time to bail out of supporting roles on shows with murky futures, but being the professionals that they are, they give the material the performance it deserves, which is hardly the best use of their talents. The real surprise, though, is seeing Jennifer Tilly, an actress well into her 40s, playing a character who’s barely in her 30s. She’s perfect for the part, of course, having whittled the “airheaded bimbo” type down to a science over the years. But how often do you see an actress playing a part significantly younger than her actual age?