Here’s the setup: A swingin’ bachelor grows tired of the singles scene and starts to yearn for a life with one down-to-earth woman, but his wacky friends and bad-boy habits constantly get in the way of true love. It’s pretty much the exact same concept behind Jake in Progress and How I Met Your Mother, except that it’s set in Chicago instead of Manhattan. Which is something, I guess.

The Formula:
Freddie = Jake in Progress + (Chico and the Man – the Man + (the Woman * 4))

The show stars and is produced by Freddie Prinze, Jr., who plays the title character as if he’s made of teflon; nothing sticks, and there’s no chemistry with anyone. Brian Austin Green is the obligatory annoying sidekick, and… I actually have nothing to say about him, he’s that uninteresting. The only twist to the show is that Freddie’s grandmother, sister, niece, and widowed sister-in-law all live with him in his palatial condo, and pass judgment on his dates. It’s all as dull as dishwater.

It’s not like I had anything but the lowest expectations for this show, but for some reason I was hoping that the last premiere of the Autumn would provide me with some kind of satisfying closure, a lesson that I could take away from all this pilot-watching. Isn’t a long, drawn-out experience like this supposed to end with a twist that teaches us all a lesson about life and humanity? No? I must watch too much television.