A friend of mine scored passes to a preview showing of Serenity and kindly offered to take me and another friend along. I wasn’t about to pass up a chance to see the film sequel to Firefly, the flop TV series that turned into a hit DVD series, so off we went. Of course they’ve been doing advance screenings for months in an effort to build up buzz, and if the chatter on message boards is any indication, I was probably one of the last people in America to actually see it, but was I going to let that dampen my enthusiasm as I set off to geek out? Heck no.

I generally think of myself as a pretty big nerd when it comes to TV in general and Joss Whedon’s oeuvre in particular, but this screening put me in my place — I am clearly just a dilettante when it comes to obsessing over the Whedonverse, a mere daytripper in the land of fandom. For instance, when I go to see a movie, I don’t lead sing-alongs of “The Hero of Canton.” And when the dude from the local radio station offers comic books to people who’ll sing random tracks from “Once More, With Feeling,” I don’t leap out of my chair and burst into “Going Through the Motions.” (I will admit to owning the soundtrack, however.) I also don’t get into discussions about what class of spaceship engine would fit into the theater, or answer trivia questions about Jewel Staite’s resumé before the guy can finish asking them. Clearly, I have some homework to do before I can consider myself ready for one of those scary conventions.

The movie itself was everything I could have hoped for and more (unlike some long-awaited science fiction films I could mention). It probably won’t resonate much with people who weren’t into the series, but there’s still plenty of big action and good whedonesque humor to keep things moving. Also: they need to introduce an Oscar for “Best Eye-rolling in a Feature Film,” and give it to Morena Baccarin.