Friday night on the WB is home to harmless but forgettable sitcoms like Reba and What I Like About You. They’re pretty hokey and not especially funny, but they’re not Raymond knockoffs, and they’re not cringe humor, and that’s worth a few points in my book. Or it would be, if I could ever remember about them long enough to put them in my figurative book. This year, they’re joined by Twins, a confection by the creators of Will & Grace.

The Formula:
Twins = Will & Grace + (Twins – De Vito – Schwarzenegger)

Here’s the setup: fraternal twin sisters take over the family lingerie business, but they fight all the time! Because one is a stuffy, dark-haired nerd, and the other is a vapid, blonde hottie, and they just don’t see eye to eye! And get this: their dad? Is a stuffy, dark-haired nerd, while their mom is a vapid, blonde hottie! There are so many parallels, don’t you think? Um, no.

If there’s any potential for the show, it’s in the cast: the parents are played by Mark Linn-Baker (Cousin Larry from Perfect Strangers) and the all-too-aptly-cast Melanie Griffith, while the daughters are played by Sara Gilbert (Darlene from Roseanne) and Molly Stanton. It’s possible to imagine making a good show with those actors, but in the premiere, most of the zingers were distinctly lacking in zing. Maybe it will find its rhythm in a little while, but I doubt I’ll remember to watch it again to find out.