I really should give Reunion one more chance. Pilots always have a hard time of it: they have to establish a show’s premise, provide any necessary backstory, and make us want to watch more, all in the span of a single episode. For a high-concept show like this — each episode fast-forwards through one year in the life of six friends, leading up to the present-day investigation of one of their deaths — the pilot just has that much more work to do. And Reunion didn’t even get the benefit of a two-hour premiere the way Prison Break did.

The Formula:
Reunion = St. Elmo’s Fire + I Love the 80s + (1 ÷ And Then There Were None)

So yes, there’s a neat idea behind the show and no, watching one episode isn’t a large enough sample to allow me to draw any real conclusions about it. But that one episode — ouch. If you’re going to ask me to follow your characters through twenty-some-odd years of their lives, then you need to give those characters some potential and set up stories for them that are more than just the chaff lying around on the floor of a daytime soap’s writers room. And give them dialogue that does more than just drop lame references to the year they’re currently in: this isn’t VH-1. If it was painfully, laughably bad, that would be something (oh where have you gone, Tru Calling?). But Reunion isn’t even irritating: it’s just boring. Too boring to even do due diligence and watch a second episode.