Supernatural. (2005 Fall Premieres)

As they travel from town to town in search of scary demons to purge, Dean and Sam have their fair share of male-bonding moments, most of which seem to involve calling each other “bitch.”

Bones. (2005 Fall Premieres)

The big problem with Bones is that the writers and producers don’t seem to trust the actors to convey any of the characters’ qualities, and they don’t trust the audience to pick up on them, and so the script ends up being as ham-handed and overly obvious as possible.

Things I learned this summer.

Some simple lessons that I’ll want to keep in mind for my next job.

Fox Sunday Night. (2005 Fall Premieres)

Nowadays, The Simpsons is considered a comedy emeritus; a respectable, even gentle show when compared to its coarse neighbors.

Turpentine for your web page.

After spending all summer implementing a series of web sites for various clients, each more elaborate than the last, it’s actually kind of relaxing to take the design of my own site and tear it down to a bare minimum.

Killer 7.

I was really looking forward to Capcom’s Killer 7, which only makes my unhappiness with the game that much greater.

Prison Break. (2005 Fall Premieres)

Michael has potential for development, not only because he’s the main character, but because he’s so insufferably smug about his grand schemes that you just know he’s due to be taken down a peg or two while in the joint.