In Shanghai, a woman flees from police. In nicely unsubtitled Chinese, she Aliases her way through the city, blending into crowds, putting on disguises, dodging roadblocks. She’s a spy for the U.S. government, her cover blown. As she blindly sends a distress signal into the ether and makes her way to what she can only hope is rescue, she communicates to the audience her desperation, her sense of urgency, and makes us hope that she can get out of there in time even as we for her safety.

The Formula:
E-Ring = JAG + The West Wing

Unfortunately, E-Ring isn’t about her. It’s about a bunch of people who sit in committee rooms at the Pentagon and argue about policy, and it’s unbelievably boring. At least Dennis Hopper realizes this, and delivers his laughably awful lines with his usual gusto. Beyond that, though, it’s a snoozer.