While others debate on whether we’re building the First, Second, or Eighth version of the Internet, I enjoy stumbling onto signs that the Web is more than just a playground for the kinds of people who like to tinker with document object models and CMC paradigms. Case in point: those postcards that sit in little stacks at the coffee shop, next to your favorite (or least favorite) alt-weekly newspaper. They used to advertise raves, but those are so 90s; most of the time, they’re promoting a club or a bar or a gallery showing.

This morning, though, as I staggered in and out of Dunn Bros, I saw one that advertised a web comic, Paul Taylor’s Wapsi Square. I haven’t actually had time to read much of it yet, so I haven’t been able to form an opinion, but now I’m intrigued by the idea of dead-tree advertisements for personal websites. Maybe I should make up some postcards for Semifat Sediment and leave them lying around.