As if there weren’t enough impending signs of my own aging, I keep running across retrospectives of old web sites, which means that the Web is no longer this new and shiny thing that I’ve just discovered, but is now enough of an established institution that it can produce “where are they now?” stories.

Earlier this year, Yahoo! celebrated their 10th birthday by posting a copy of their original page from way back when they were hosted at Stanford and garnered praise for being way cooler than the NCSA “What’s New” page. A couple of weeks ago, there was a long, affectionate look back at Suck, a site that pioneered the art of the well-written web-based snark. Today, I ran across a short piece in Wired on Jorn Barger, who for many years ran Robot Wisdom, along the way coining the term “weblog.” On top of it all, I’m in the middle of reading the latest book by Steven Johnson, co-founder of Feed, a webzine that I still haven’t found a good replacement for in my bookmarks.

Now all we need are some “where are they now?” pieces on Bob Allison of Bobaworld and Marisa Bowe of, and my thirst for Internet nostalgia will be fully slaked.

(I just had a horrible thought: in a few years, the Internet will cross the retro threshold, and Ragstock will start selling T-shirts with old Internet logos on them. I’m not looking forward to that.)