Sometimes I wonder why I abandoned vegetarianism for a meat-eater’s life. Well, the actual reason — “meat tastes tasty” — is not much of a mystery, but there are times when I start to think that letting my taste buds run my life is not a very good policy. Case in point: when you go to a Bavarian restaurant in Stillwater, the odds that you are going to be faced with a lot of meat are pretty good:

[a plate of sausage]
This was the appetizer.

How do you respond to this? There was a time when I would have stifled my urge to gorge myself on the Würst Sampler and simply ordered a plate of cabbage and knödel, or perhaps some spätzle. Now, though, nothing holds me back: I pop chunks of sausage down my gullet as a warmup, and then scale a mountainous pile of schnitzel slathered in beef-and-mushroom gravy as a main course. With the cabbage and knödel on the side. And chocolate cake for dessert.

Needless to say, I spent last night more or less comatose, and most of today lying around continuing the long, slow, process of digestion while I waited (I’m still waiting, really) for the blood to leave my stomach so that I can start using my brain again. And let’s not speak of the box of leftovers that taunts me from within my refrigerator even as I type this, my poor, overworked stomach recoiling in horror as my mouth salivates in anticipation of yet more meaty goodness.

P.S.: As obesifyingly delicious as the food was, the best part of the meal was the beer I had with it: a Franziskaner Dunkel-Weiss. As with any Bavarian Dunkel, the darkness doesn’t equal heaviness, and the wheat adds all kinds of fruity notes to it. A perfect summer beer; one of my all-time favorites.