It was a dark, humid, annoying night. Leading off, the Twins played a really lousy game against the Tigers. Then I played a really lousy game in Warsong Gulch, but our team won, so that was ok. In the next round I played, though, I ended up on one of those teams in which everyone spends the entire round complaining about lack of support and calling each other “n00b.” So I should have been relieved when I was disconnected from the server halfway through the game, except that the disconnection was due to all the power going out in my neighborhood.

You’d think that after the last Night the Lights Went Out in Uptown, I would have picked up some candles and made sure the flashlight had fresh batteries, but no. Instead, I spent an hour stumbling around in the dark, using the backlight on my iPod as a lamp while I rummaged around in the closet and tried to find my friggin’ flashlight. At least I knew where my hand-cranked radio was.

I never found the flashlight. I just sat around in my dark, sweltering, fanless apartment for a while, until the lights came on, at which point I turned most of them back off for fear of another outage, even though I know that the problem is not my electricity usage, but that of all those people with their air conditioners and dehumidifiers running at full blast all day long while they sit in arid, freon-cooled comfort. I took a shower — one of those showers that leaves you feeling damp no matter how much you towel off — and went to bed.

And lay there. And lay there. And gave up, and stopped just laying there, and got up. It was — is — too hot to sleep, so I got up and played a little Wipeout Pure. It turns out that while Wipeout Pure is a fun and exciting video game, it is not exactly soothing bedtime entertainment, and that if my goal was to get any sleep tonight, some light reading might have been a better way to go.

It’s 3:30 in the morning, it’s 80°F outside (and much warmer inside), and I’m wide awake. What now?