I turn 30 in one month. The closer the day comes, the more I think to myself, “y’know, maybe I should make a big deal out of it.” I mean, you don’t turn 30 every day, do you? It’s such a nice, round number. My growing obsession with turning 30 has nothing to do with that set of unrealistic goals I’ve always had in my head, that mental list of things I’m supposed to have done before I turn 30. Like my first gold album, or my first gallery show, or finding an everlasting precious love. Goals like that tell me mostly that I shouldn’t put much stock in mental lists I made up when I was a kid listening to Howard Jones songs on the radio.

For the most part, this post is simply a warning to the Twincitians among you: there is going to be some serious partying down on the 29th of July. I mean, with my planning skills, “partying down” probably won’t mean much more than hanging out at the Bulldog or Bryant-Lake, but hey, that’s a good time too.