In the pantheon of Things That Are Awesome, zombies rank a distant third behind pirates and ninjas in terms of sheer wacky goodness. There’s no shame in that; pirates and ninjas are pretty hard to beat, especially when your hook features a distinctly low-key shambling and groaning instead of swords and ships and smoke bombs and throwing stars. What, you might ask, can zombies do to brush up their image, to make themselves relevant to a modern audience?

The answer, if Shaun of the Dead is any indicator, is to make a really fun zombie/rom-com flick, with a bit of Office-style humor (and a couple of its actors) for that extra dose of currency. Unlike The Office, though, Shaun actually lets itself be funny, juxtaposing the quiet desperation of everyday life with the not-so-quiet desperation of mindless undead cannibals. And of course, there’s plenty of bloody, shuffling, moaning zombie goodness. It might just be enough to move zombies up into a three-way tie with pirates and ninjas. Uggggh.