NBA Finals, 2005: Game 1.

For fair-weather fans riding the Heat and Suns bandwagons, this matchup is going to be a slow, ugly grind, but even if you’re not a fan of great defense, both teams are capable of executing a lovely half-court offense.

Lego Star Wars.

The game totally gives lie to my claim that I’m no longer a fan of Star Wars.

Pants or PSP?

I’ve always been the guy who buys his clothes a size too big, because then everything is equally, safely ill-fitting.

Supercop and Supercop 2.

“This is terrible! We have two of the most talented martial arts actors in the world doing a movie together, and there’s absolutely zero chemistry between them!”

Medium, Season 1.

It’s not a great series by any stretch of the imagination, but it keeps managing to find a balancing point between procedural crime, family drama, and psychic weirdness that I still can’t bring myself to believe exists.

Shaun of the Dead.

What can zombies do to brush up their image, to make themselves relevant to a modern audience?

Difficult Questions About Videogames.

As a collection of random thoughts, Difficult Questions is great, but as a book, it leaves a lot to be desired.