So here’s the thing: good defense doesn’t necessarily make for a boring NBA Finals. Low scores don’t necessarily make for a boring finals. Lopsided, end-to-end blowouts? That’s what’ll make for a boring finals. San Antonio was in the driver’s seat for the entire game tonight, never letting Detroit get anywhere near a lead on the way to a 97-76 Spurs win. When your team is down by 21 points and Darko Milicic is on the floor with four minutes left in the game, you know it’s over.

Of course, when offensive afterthought Bruce Bowen is having a good shooting night (4-for-8 from behind the 3-point line) — top of the usual contributions from San Antonio’s big three of Time Duncan, Manu Ginobili, and Tony Parker — the Spurs are just about impossible to beat. On the other hand, any game in which Bowen takes more shots than Duncan is a crime against the sport, hot hand or no.

If Tayshaun Prince doesn’t show up soon — on offense or on defense — the Pistons are not going to be able to make a stand. He had a wicked block from behind in the first quarter tonight, but it was waved off as goaltending. Other than that, he was completely absent, but Detroit needs his strong defensive game, as well as his ability to put up points. The Pistons rely on a balanced attack, and right now their guards are carrying too much of the load.

The main reason they’re losing, though, is that they’re not slowing down the Spurs. They do a good job of stopping the fast break that Manu and Tony like to run, but San Antonio’s passing game is so good that it makes Detroit’s vaunted defense look like it’s just standing around. Watching the Spurs whip the ball around the court while the Pistons got whiplash trying to keep track, it looked for a while more like a Globetrotters-Senators game than an NBA championship series.

At any rate, the only real surprise that came out of this game was discovering that Tony Parker’s maybe-paramour, the overexposed Eva Longoria, doesn’t just go to San Antonio games because they’ve got cute boys on their team — she’s actually from Corpus Christi and grew up a Spurs fan, so good on her. Especially since it’s looking more and more like her team is going to make short work of Detroit.