Vanity Fair (the movie, not the magazine).

How much do I love Reese Witherspoon? Enough to sit all the way through this movie.

Veronica Mars, Season 1.

Characters and plot points that seem like walk-ons and macguffins turn out to be incredibly important, sometimes months after they’re introduced.

Three-penny take-home test.

I really didn’t dislike my film theory class as much as you’d think from reading this weblog.

Bible Blaster?

Just a couple of weeks after the New York Times ran a long feature on the rise in popularity of Christian-themed videogames, we see a press release announcing the development of a Bible-themed trivia game.

My friends are cooler than your friends.

It seems like the Huffington Post is banking on the idea that if they get enough famous people to write for them, people will have no choice but to read at least some of their posts.

There’s more to life than bitching about mainstream media.

The whole “bloggers vs. journalists” debate feels insanely remote to me, but it’s not hard to understand why it often seems to be the only topic of discussion.

Joan of Arcadia, Season 2.

The tone of the show has shifted from a nondenominational vagueness that permitted the viewer a range of readings to an ever-more doctrinaire line that starts to read like “Liberal Catholicism for Dummies.”

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

The film makes the transition to a more visual medium by replacing some of the novels’ logorrheic verbal digressions with arch visual gags.

Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle.

It’s two hours of drug jokes, fart jokes, boob jokes, gay jokes, and generally tiresome bad behavior. On the other hand, it’s Asians engaging in this bad behavior.