One of the things to remember when watching a WNBA preseason game is that it’s also the preseason for the referees, and when you consider how bad the officiating has been over the years, it’s hard to begrudge them the practice. Nonetheless, it’s really annoying to go to a game, especially a game where you’re going to watch some young, green players try to make names for themselves, and instead watch 40 minutes of whistle after whistle as the refs call phantom ticky-tack fouls.

Fouls or no fouls, though, the Lynx looked pretty ugly tonight. Logy. On the one hand, it’s just the preseason, so who cares? On the other hand, they looked awfully disorganized on both offense and defense. And with the choppy flow, it was hard to get a feel for which of the draft picks and walk-ons look like keepers or cuts. Nonetheless, I managed to scribble a couple of notes down on my program:

Vanessa Hayden had a couple of nasty blocks in the first minute. Late in the game, Nicole Ohlde finally realized that there was no way that Margo “Shawn Bradley” Dydek could keep up with her, and started spinning around her at will. I still enjoy watching them play a double-post game.

My favorite player, Kristi Harrower, is back! And she’s apparently the only player on the Lynx who actually remembers how to box out for rebounds.

Susan King Borchart looks like the recently-retired Debbie Black, if Black was fifteen years younger and didn’t eat billy goats gruff for breakfast. Unfortunately, the team already has two undersized point guards, and hardly needs a third.

Apparently, Svetlana Abrosimova just played in the Russian League finals last week, and it showed. Where everybody else looked like they were playing in a morning shootaround, Svet was zooming as if she were still playing for a ring (or whatever they hand out in Russia). She still has a tendency to make boneheaded plays, but her all-fast-forward-all-the-time attitude was a tonic in an otherwise dull game. Also: do they get a lot of sun in Russia in the winter? Her hair seems to get lighter every year.

Kristen Mann was rocking the knee-high socks tonight, and had a couple of nice drives to the basket. Otherwise, she and fellow draftee Jacqueline Batteast looked like awkward young rookies: good potential, but very itchy trigger fingers.

We kept referring to Connecticut rookie Anna Montañana as “Roseanne Rosannadanna,” which was funny until I realized that most of the players on the court were probably too young to get the joke. It’s no fun mocking people’s names if all it does is make you feel old.