A long time ago, I caught an episode or two of the first season of Gilmore Girls. The whole “mother and daughter are best friends” thing seemed like a decent enough concept, and the snooty grandparents provided some mild conflict. What really got me interested, though, was the dialogue: dense with pop-culture references and delivered with a tongue-tying velocity that brings a young Katherine Hepburn to mind. So after I had my little epiphany last year and started watching TV in earnest, Gilmore Girls was one of the shows I started following, despite not really knowing the particulars of the trail of broken hearts that Lorelai and Rory had left behind them over the years.

So after watching a full season of the show, and in particular the last couple of episodes, I’m wondering: was Rory always this much of a spineless weasel? I thought the idea was that she was the level-headed one and her mother was the flighty one. Now it seems that — well, Lorelai’s still kind of flighty, but her daughter is now a complete basket case, with an ego that completely shatters at the thought that she might actually have to make an effort to get what she wants out of life. Watching her make a series of progressively stupider choices, most of which involve dating the wrong boys, is kind of depressing. On the up side, there’s really nowhere for her character to go from here but up, right?

One of the nice things about a show like Gilmore Girls is the tertiary cast, and the denizens of Stars Hollow remain entertainingly goofy, with the possible exception of the shrill Taylor. I still dream of an episode where they put Paris, Michel, and Gypsy together, and just have them insult the other cast members for 40 minutes. I even like Lane’s Three’s Company-ish plots, even though at this point, they’re pretty much a completely separate show-within-a-show.

At any rate, despite how unlikable Rory has become, and in spite of the wildly inconsistent writing, and in spite of the fact that the season finale’s big ending was cut off by one of those one-minute overlaps that networks pull just to piss off DVR owners, Gilmore Girls will probably retain its season pass on my TiVo next fall. If nothing else, I like listening to those fast-talking dames.