Just a couple of weeks after the New York Times ran a long feature on the rise in popularity of Christian-themed videogames, we see a press release announcing the development of a Bible-themed trivia game. (See also the Gamespot blurb, which is a good example of how the snarky, laddish voice of the “enthusiast press” sounds really awkward when applied to games outside of their typical, ideologically invisible range.)

I’m beginning to suspect that Christian games will evolve in a manner similar to educational games. In the olden days, the educational gaming landscape featured a few well-designed standouts (Carmen Sandiego, Robot Odyssey) amidst a slew of cheap, half-assed flash-card programs (Math Blaster and its ilk). It took years for educators to begin to understand how games can best be used to communicate with their players and act as tools in the learning process, rather than distractions. Similarly, as Christian gaming begins to catch on (assuming it does), plan on seeing lots of quick, You Don’t Know Jack-alike cash-in projects like The Bible Game, until developers start to figure out just what it is they want to say with their games, and how best to say it.