My weblog is pretty obscure. I kind of like it that way. Sometimes, though, I forget that these things are meant to be read and not just written. That’s how I felt for most of last week as I started contributing to The Bleacher Bums, Minnesota Public Radio’s new baseball weblog. In fact, I had totally forgotten that today was to be the “official” launch date for the site until I heard a plug for it on the radio, in between the M. Doty interview and a song by Madeleine Peyroux. We’ll see if writing for an actual audience changes the way I blog.

Actually, there are a few new things happening for me in The Bleacher Bums. It’s my first topical weblog, which means that I’m less likely to suddenly go off on my two true obsessions, video games and unemployment (I’m sure I’ll find a way to work them in somehow, though). It’s also the first time I’ve worked on a group weblog. I haven’t had a chance to meet Bob Collins, Ben Tesch, and David Zingler yet, but judging by their early posts, I’m pretty sure that they all know a whole lot more than I do about baseball. At any rate, be sure to check the blog out, it’ll be some good fun. Also, if anyone wants to go to a Twins game (or a Saints game for that matter) any time soon, let me know: listening on the radio is fun, but now I have a real excuse to go to the Dome.