Is that the lamest title for a weblog posting ever? Yes. Do I care. No. Why? Because it’s spring, people, and I am giddy. Giddy! Daylight Savings Time kicked in yesterday, and after spending a day lurching around in my semi-annual haze of diurnal bewilderment, I saw the light, and kept on seeing it past 8pm. On top of that, it was somewhere around 70 degrees out today. Not only did I leave the house, and not only did wear a light jacket, but I even took the jacket off, it was so warm.

While warm weather and sunshine were sorely missed and are a joy to have in my life again, what really makes it a good day is that it’s Opening Day for every team except the Yankees and Red Sox, who got to have their opening a day early because they’re special like that. Turns out that the real way to have fun on Opening Day is to go down to the Bulldog and watch the Twins play the Mariners with BatGirl and her legions of fans. It was a good time.

I suppose it would have been an even better time if Richie Sexon hadn’t hit those two home runs off of Handsome Brad Radke, but that much fun might have been more than I could handle. I’m a dour guy, it’s been a long winter, and there’s only so much happy a person can take.