Come on, who doesn’t own a corkscrew?!

A few things I plan on keeping in mind the next time I invite people into my home.

Tekken 5.

Mashing never did a thing for me when pinned up against a wall, or when floating in the air during one of those long juggling combos that Tekken is famous (infamous?) for.

Beck: Gameboy Variations.

Hearing Beck’s spacey voice swaddled in the SID’s sound isn’t a nostalgia trip, it’s what pop music should sound like.

Doctor Who.

It’s profoundly weird to watch a revival of a show that went off the air fifteen years ago, and was more than a quarter of a century old when that happened.

The Arcade Fire: Funeral.

I’ve never been to a funeral. I don’t have a car. These facts don’t prevent me from enjoying The Arcade Fire’s first LP, Funeral.

Sin City.

This movie may mark the first time in years that Bruce Willis has played a character that’s anywhere near his actual age.

The Postal Service: Give Up.

I’m still trying to figure out whether it’s a good or bad thing that one of their main influences seems to be The Human League.


There’s nothing like an overdose of saccharine kitsch to knock a guy out of a too-good mood.

Mates of State: All Day.

Mates of State makes joyous, full-throated, big-hearted music, and it’s a wonderful thing to hear.

Bloc Party: Silent Alarm.

The propulsive rhythms and laminated production are no longer at odds, but combine to create a sense of clarity and urgency, of an understanding of what’s wanted and a desperate desire to pursue it.